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Freedom Markers specializes in tGBS® genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) for plant species. With over thirty years combined experience, we have found ways to optimize the process to increase speed, reduce cost, and improve the quality of the final results.

The first step to producing the highest quality genotyping results is to start with DNA of extremely consistent and high quality across samples. For this reason, Freedom Markers offers in-house DNA extractions to all customers at no additional charge. If you select this option, tissue collection instructions and supplies will be shipped to you after the quote has been accepted and a purchase order (PO) is on file. It is recommended that samples be lyophilized (freeze dried) to allow shipment at room temperature. However, if a lyophilizer is not available, the alternative method is to ship fresh samples overnight, packed with cooling packs from a refrigerator. Please do NOT send samples on ice, dry ice, or cooling packs from a freezer, as these may freeze the tissue samples. The Freedom Markers facility is unable to process frozen tissue samples, and any plates received with frozen samples will have to be discarded. When samples are received by Freedom Markers, DNA isolation will be performed using optimized, high-throughput protocols at the facility.

In order to test and optimize DNA extraction before working with your irreplaceable experimental samples, please include a ziplock bag with additional tissue collected from the species at the same stage of growth. Whenever possible, it is recommend that customers submit two replicates of tissue for DNA extraction. This allows genotyping to continue with minimum hassle or delay if unforeseen difficulties arise during DNA isolation. However, we understand that it is sometimes not possible to collect duplicate samples.

In cases where new tissue cannot be collected, Freedom Markers will accept previously extracted DNA. However, customers should be aware that the quality of the resulting genotype calls may be lower, and the lab reserves the right to cancel any genotyping project -- at no charge to the customer -- in cases where the QC of DNA samples indicates Freedom Markers is unlikely to be unable to deliver quality final results.

After DNA is extracted and QC'd, library construction and sequencing are performed. Next alignments and SNP calls are generated. Finally, clients will receive an e-mail, containing the final project report and either download instructions for all supporting data and SNP calls or a tracking number for a hard drive containing these data.

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Freedom Markers is a provider of genotyping services powered by Data2Bio technology. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

The following U.S. patents apply to Data2Bio technologies, including but not limited to technologies related to tGBS® genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) services:

  • Patent Number(s): US 9,951,384

Other US and international patents are pending.